How to free download videos from

There are various video websites that users can watch videos and upload to share with others and so on. Would you like to download some favorite videos so as to save them offline?

You can use the video downloader add-on on the web browser to download videos, here I told you one way to use a free video downloader program to download videos and convert videos.

Step 1. Go to download Kigo Video Downloader for Mac, install and run it.

Step 2. Open, find the video you want to download, copy the video playing link url and paste to software.

Step 3. After URL parsed correctly, the videos will be displayed in Downloading list.  

A lot of the videos are divided into multiple segments, including advertisements. After analyze the URL complete, all segments and ads will be listed as below. You can free download video clips, including ads. The fragment of less than 15 seconds is default unchecked.

Multiple segments is displayed with Name, Time, Format, Resolution, Size according to the resolve the situation. Click OK to start downloading.

When you download different resolution videos, you must play it first and set the right resolution in the video settings. Then paste the URL to download.

Step4. Select the file you want to download. Click Start to begin downloading.

You can choose one button to download and convert, or only download videos as you like. More details info you can view from



How to play iTunes M4V videos on different players

Videos purchased from iTunes ending in a .m4v extension are proprietary video files from Apple’s iTunes Store. Movies, TV shows and music videos downloaded from iTunes have this extension. Copy-protected M4V files can only be played on a computer, iPod or iPhone authorized by the account used to purchase the file.

However, you can view unprotected M4V files with several different software applications. In addition, renaming the file extension may allow access to other video players. Obviously, you need Kigo M4V Converter.

Kigo M4V Converter is just the best iTunes DRM M4V video converter for Windows users. It is a good assistant for you to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos.

Kigo M4V Converter supports all kinds of formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MPG etc. It can convert iTunes M4V for playing on different players, such as iPhone 6, iPad mini, PSP, Zune, iRiver, Archos, mobile phones and so on freely. So Kigo M4V Converter for Win can help you completely.

Here are the steps to remove DRM and convert M4V to MP4, MOV and more.

Step 1: Import iTunes M4V Videos

Import the M4V videos you have downloaded from iTunes Store to the program. Click the Add Movies button on the upper left and choose the video you need to convert in the pop up dialogue box.

Step 2: Choose a preferable format

Kigo M4V Converter provides flexible options to customize the output video file. You can choose a preferable format in the Convert to list.

Step 3: Start Conversion

Now you can press the Convert button to start converting M4V iTunes video for iPhone 6 Plus. Kigo M4V Converter can convert videos with a high conversion speed.

After it is done, you can find the converted files in the history list. The files are without DRM protected. You can play them with Windows Media Player or other video players smoothly! It is just so easy to play iTunes M4V videos on different players.

And you can change the video codec, bitrate, video size or even clip the part you need to convert before the conversion. Kigo M4V Converter can also support retaining all audio tracks. When you set the output format as Same as source for mp4/ mov, it can keep all the subtitles during the converting.

Please visit the website to know more info about Kigo M4V Converter for Win!

How to make video guide lesson with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

Description: If you good at doing something and you can be a teacher to help somebody how to do. You just need to make video guide lesson with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate.

If you cook good food, dance very well or you are good at doing something with software on the computer, such as making a PPT in PowerPoint, drawing a picture in Photoshop and so on, you can be a teacher to help somebody how to do. You just need to make video guide lesson. And how to make video guide lesson?

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate not only can convert video, it can also record video to make video guide lesson in 3 modes which provides the right way to meet your demands. Record Full Screen and Record Region can record screen actions according to the recording range. And Record Device can record the activities in front of the camera. And you can record sound synchronously.

Here is how to make video guide lesson with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate from computer.

Step 1: Select the record mode

Keep the default recording mode Record Full Screen with the default Display in the Record Screen tab.

Step 2: Set the video quality

Click the Quality drop-down list to select Medium quality.

Step 3: Set the audio settings

Click the Audio drop-down list to select right input device to record audio according to the actual access device.

Step 4: Set mouse settings

Check on the Mouse option to capture mouse clicks in the recording.

Step 5: Keep the default option settings

Keep the Option settings in default value.

Step 6: Start the full screen recording

Click Start Record button to record screen and the recording process is added to the Task- Pending- Recording list.

Now how-to video are recording, just process the steps and the software will record automatically.

Step7: Finish recording

Click Stop Record button in Record Screen list to finish recording. After you save the recording, the file will be added to the Task- History- Recorded list. If you don’t, the file will be deleted directly.

You just select Record Device option and also can use the upper steps to record from a camera with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate. With the recording, you can upload the video to share on the website like Youtube by Kigo Video Converter Ultimate. It also can convert audios/ videos/ DVDs, burn DVDs and download videos from popular websites.

Want more info about Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, please visit: