What makes Messi Messi?

Answer by Xavier Serey:

Among the many ingredients that made a Messi, there is probably the control he has of the ball, his spatial reasoning and sense of the game, and his hard work. His low center of gravity also probably helps.

First, obviously there is his incredible control of the ball, he drives it like no one else and its hard to tell where his foot stops and where the ball starts. The ball is always where he intends it to be, which is a difference even with CR7 who compensates for his sometimes approximate ball placement by running faster than everyone else. Also because he controls the ball so naturally, he can look up more often to see where everyone else is.
The next one is his spatial positioning and sense of the game. All pro players have the ability of anticipating their opponents movements and placing the ball out of reach (even good amateurs do). Messi seems to be able to do this even between 3 players, he usually knows the spot where none of them can get the ball but that still leaves him going forward in a direction that is strategically relevant. Combine that with a sense of the game, that's a killer.

Last important skill he has is hard work. Obviously all pro players have worked hard to get there. But if you compare Messi to Ronaldinho, it is really the factor that made the difference. Ronnie is more technically skilled and creative, but less of a pro player, he often partied before games, etc. Messi is more serious which makes him more consistent. This creates a positive dynamic in his team which ends up improving his game.

What makes Messi Messi?



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