Compare Kigo Video Converter Ultimate with Xilisoft Kigo Video Converter Ultimate and iSkysoft Kigo Video Converter Ultimate

As the popularity of video is increasing from day to day, high demands for video converter are created and there are flooded with a wide variety of good and bad video converters on the active electronics market. When you want to choose a video converter for your Mac or mobile device, you need compare different features, interfaces, capabilities and personal preferences. Finding the right video converter may be and even more baffling experience.

This article will help you get rid of the trouble and recommend Kigo Video Converter Ultimate to you. From the comparison between Kigo Video Converter Ultimate and other converters like Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate and iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe, you can acknowledge the advantages of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate. That’s why to recommend Kigo Video Converter Ultimate to you.

At first, when you install the program, you can finish the installation of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate with one button. But you have to set the package installation step by step to install Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate. The installation of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is easy and fast. It doesn’t waste your any time.

After the installation, you will find the main functions of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate from intuitive interface. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one video converter of converting, recording, burning downloading and uploading. It is absolutely worth to buy one and get the other useful functions. And Kigo Video Converter Ultimate provides four multi-language interfaces with English, Japanese, French and German. It can be widely used. Comparing with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate can only convert videos and have no multi-language interfaces. And iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe can’t record screen and upload to Youtube yet.

For the converting profile, Kigo VideoConverter Ultimate has all kinds of output formats suitable for any players. The profile categories are classified clearly and reasonably to set up easily. Similarly, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe has the clarity profile categories, but misses many important profiles for Android Devices, Mobile Devices, Game Devices and HDTV. Even though Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate has relatively complete formats, the classifications are too detailed and not summarized. It is too many and not easy to pick.

And the current profile in Kigo Video Converter Ultimate will show the detail parameters even no file added. It is convenient for you to choose the right format. After you add files, you can add the subtitle for the video with Kigo Video Converter Ultimate intuitive setting. But iSkysoft and Xilisoft have the indirect settings.

With the video converter, you can clip, merge, crop, add effect and watermark to edit the video more wonderful. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can provide up to 27 special and amazing video effects to choose. But iSkysoft and Xilisoft can only provide the half number of it.

When adding the DVD file to convert, Kigo and iSkysoft can both support loading DVD all titles or as a main movie. And Kigo Video Converter Ultimate provides high and low I/O mode to load DVD. However, iSkysoft doesn’t have the I/O mode settings to load DVD. In fact, Xilisoft simply does not support converting DVD.

In addition, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can support the different converting settings which iSkysoft and Xilisoft don’t have. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can support AC3 pass through while converting DVD with AC3 (5.1) audio track. It can support 2 – pass – encoding to get better video quality while converting, support de-interlace while converting interleaved video. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can also support MP4 flat and hint to add stream support.

And when you start converting, Kigo and Xilisoft can pause and restart converting one by one. Actually, it is more kind for users to change the converting plan while the conversion continues. But iSkysoft only supports starting and stopping all the conversion. During the converting, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can add new files with the edited effects to convert. But iSkysoft doesn’t support at all.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate and iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe are good at burning DVDs and downloading videos as well as converting videos. They can provide beautiful DVD templates and support 100+ websites. But Kigo Video Converter Ultimate may be more powerful. Because it provides clarity and intuitive templates and supports auto naming DVD outputs. You also never need to close the program to quit the burning with Kigo. When you download with Kigo, you need not to install the extra component and can download videos with different formats and qualities, even download subtitles from Youtube without any limit in the trial mode. iSkysoft and Xilisoft can not do that.

As an all-in-one converter, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can record screen and upload videos to Youtube, which are the particular functions of Kigo compared with iSkysoft and Xilisoft. And Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can do very well during multiple tasking. Compared to the multiple functions of Kigo, Xilisoft is indeed too simple and the interface is cumbersome with too much settings. Although iSkysoft contains some functions similar to Kigo, it is not enough powerful comparing with Kigo.

In summary, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is not only powerful with multiple functions, but also easy to use with the intuitive and appearance interface. It can complete the task with perfect outputs and fast speed.

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How to free download google videos and convert

If you want to enjoy the google videos, you’d better download the video to avoid playback being stuck by the poor Internet speed. When you have a series of Yoga video tutorials to learn, downloading the videos can save your time to buffer. It’s obvious that downloading the online-video can make you enjoy videos anytime.

And how to download google videos? There is a powerful tool to download google videos. Kigo Video Converter Ultimate only needs to add the URL, then you can download it easily. You can customize the output format and convert the downloaded video automatically.

The simple steps to download google videos are as follows.

Step 1: Add the URL

On the Download Video interface, click the Add URL button and type in the google URL. And click the OK button to parse your added URL.

After parsing successfully, the videos will be added to the Download Video interface.

Step 2: Customize the output format

Check on the option Auto Convert Downloaded Videos, and click the format drop-down list to choose the output format.

Step 3: Keep the default output path

Keep the default output folder Downloads to save the downloaded videos.

Step 4: Start the downloading

Click Start Download button to start downloading. After the downloading is done, the converting will start automatically in the Pending-Converting list.

After the downloading and converting finished, you can get the original format downloaded video and the customized format converted video.

Kigo Video Converter Ultimate not only can download videos from google, it can also download from the most popular websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Howcast, Liveleak etc. And Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can record screen, burn DVDs and upload videos.

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How to Burn MP4 to DVD on your Mac easily

MP4 also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a compressed multimedia container format which simply means it can hold both video and audio files in smaller file size without major loss in quality.

Perhaps you downloaded some MP4 movies from online and recevied some priceless MP4 videos from family or friends. If you want find a way to preserve them better, you can try to burn MP4 to DVD.
Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is a professional MP4 to DVD burner which can burn MP4 videos to DVD folders, image (.iso) or DVD disc with beautiful menu templates for playback on DVD player or TV.
How to burn MP4 to DVD on your Mac
Below is the step-by-step guide on how to convert MP4 to DVD on your Mac ( Including Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later).
1. Download, install and launch the latest version of Kigo Video Converter Ultimate.
The software main interface will pop as shown below:
Three ways to add videos to burn:
(1). Click the Add button to add the files you want to burn DVD.
(2). Also through the menu item File-> Add File(s) to Burn DVD.
(3) Drag files to the list directly from your disc or other location.
2. In the drop-down list of Template, select a template as DVD menu for self-made DVD files. The selected template will be displayed in the following window, and you can choose one of your favorite menu styles.
After finishing setting the DVD menu, you can preview the videos to make sure that it is what you want.
3. Click the “Burn To”, and in the drop-down list select a output type such as Save as “DVD folder”, “Save as image (.iso)”.
Click the Folder to set the output path. You can use the default one or click Choose… to reset it.
4. When everything is OK, click Burn DVD now button to start the MP4 to DVD burning process.

Play protected iTunes TV shows without limitations any more

As a good DRM program, M4VConverter Plus can remove DRM legally from protected iTunes movies including TV shows (doesnt hack DRM encryption) and produce DRM-free media files to any format (like MP4 format) preserving original sound and video quality for long-time. And you can enjoy TV shows and movies on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC, Samsung, PSP, Blackberry, and several other options.

M4V Converter Plus for Win can convert protected TV shows on PC as follow.

Add protected TV shows

Please click the Add or Add Movie button, then the Add Movie window with Movies as default pops up.

Click the Sources drop-down list to select TV Shows and the protected TV shows will display in the below list.

Then you can select the protected TV shows and click OK button to add. You can also drag protected TV shows to the list directly from your disc or other location. The selected TV shows will be added in the main list.

Customize output format

Choose the files in the list and click the Convert to drop-down list to choose the output format.

You can select all the files (Alt + A) then choose the profile to set all the files into the same profile. In addition, you can set a different profile for each file by clicking the each file profile.

Customize output path

Click the button to customize output path. You can also just use the default output folder M4V Converter Plus.

Start the conversion
Click CONVERT button to start converting. Then the Progress window pops up.

Make sure your computer before converting is well authorized with the same Apple ID that you used when downloading the iTunes movies.

Before the status show converting progress, iTunes will be shown and hide itself in a flash, and please don’t do anything with iTunes during converting, conversion may failed by occurring an error.

Check History Records

When the conversion is completed, the protected TV shows with DRM removed will be saved automatically in the history records. Click the History button to show up the records.
You can lick the show in finder icon to show the converted file in output folder.

With M4V Converter Plus for Win, the protected TV shows have been removed DRM quickly and easily, and you can enjoy the TV shows with unlimited.

How to add special effects to videos

You may have already noticed that, there are many wonderful videos or movies online, which have special video effects. Then, how to do it? How to add special effects to videos? You probably need Kigo Video Converter Ultimate to help you add special effects to videos with its powerful video editing effects.

Full of video editing effects, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate can adjust video effects to your videos like Video Contrast, Video Saturation, Video Brightness or add the Mac system special video effect, crop the video and add watermark. The guide below will show you how to edit special effects to videos step by step.

Step 1: Add the video

Click the Add File(s) button to open the adding window. Then select a video to add.


Step 2: Customize effect settings

Click the Edit effect icon to open the editing window with playing the video.

And click Select Effect drop-down list in the Effect tab and select an effect from a variety of special effects. Adjust the value of Brightness, Contrast and Saturation settings.


Step 3: Customize crop settings

Check on Enable Crop on the Crop tab and adjust the crop frame in the Original Preview window. And keep the default Letter Box in the Zoom Type drop-down list.


Step 4: Customize watermark settings

Click Watermark Type drop-down list in the Watermark tab and select Image Watermark. Then click … button to add an image and adjust the image size and position.


Step 5: Keep the default output path

After you finish editing effect settings, you can click the OK button to save the settings.

And keep the default path ~/ Movies/ Kigo Video Converter Ultimate as the output path.

Set the output path
Set the output path

Step 6: Start the conversion

Click the Convert Now button to start the conversion.

After the conversion is done, the edited video with the special effects will be saved in Task- History- Converted list. You can convert the edited video with different profile for all kinds of player. And you can also clip the video and merge the edited videos to one video. You can make more amazing videos with the wonderful special effects. In addition, Kigo Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one converter including recording, burning and downloading.

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